Educational Equity and Technology

  • Educational Equity and Technology

  • Gestina

    April 5, 2021 at 8:21 pm

    It is imperative that our community must support, facilitate, advocate for, and deliver on public administration policies, programs, and collaborations, with the private sectors and/or non-profits, that assist in arming our students with proper foundational education concepts and principles that are reformed by intentional curriculum development, and are relevant to the STEM skills training needed for the jobs that will provide sustainable income for today and the future. This is a group that is described as where “policy and equity meet.” How does your company or organization strive to see this happen? Or is my vision of what is needed for the future “farfetched”?

    Btw, if you are interested in connecting with me to discuss this further, feel free to directly message me. We also have a Milky Way Tech Hub Committees Meeting this Saturday, April 10th.

    Have a lovely week,

    Gestina Tiffany

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