MKE Tech Podcast : Episode 2, “Secure Bridges” Shayvon McCullum

In this episode,  I talked to Shayvon McCullum, the founder of Secure Bridges Tech, a reward-based platform connecting youth to local resources with monetary opportunities and redeemable merchant rewards for engagement. Secure Bridges is working to end the local sex trade of children in the Milwaukee area by raising awareness, promoting advocacy, and empowering advancement. Shayvon talked about how her upbringing in Chicago helped to play a role in her starting her company. We also talked about the ins and outs of being a founder and what are some of the resources that are available in the city of Milwaukee.

To learn more about Shayvon and Secure Bridges, click the link below. If you would like to join our Milky Way Tech Hub community to stay connected with anything events that we may have check out our website:

To learn more about Secure Bridges follow their website below:

The Milky Way Tech Hub is realizing the vision that Milwaukee is a tech hub where Black people and people of color are able to thrive in the field of technology.

Through a series of community-based grassroots efforts, Milky Way Tech Hub has begun attracting national and international entrepreneurs to Milwaukee, in addition to supporting the local talent community already residing here. The Milky Way Tech Hub’s goal is to use its resources, programs, and community partnerships to create equitable opportunities for Milwaukee’s tech ecosystem.

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