WI Tech Month Presents Women in Tech Week: Amy Sterckx

This “Women in Tech Week” feature is dedicated to Amy Sterckx, Executive Director of Technology and Information at Green Bay Area Public School District

From Classroom Teacher to Executive Director of Technology & Information, Amy’s story has involved many transitions from classroom teacher to being a state wide leader in technology.

Growing up, Amy went to a small K-8 school. Knowing she wanted to be a teacher, she had a natural liking to play teacher as a child. Her parents hung a chalkboard on their basement wall and located a desk at a city auction for Amy’s students. At this time in her life, the students were stuffed animals, but as she grew older, she began to review math concepts with friends in that same location. Little did she know that she would later teach 6th grade math.

As Amy moved through her high school career, she spent time hopping on the local city bus going downtown to the literacy center where she volunteered to educate children as their parents learned to speak the English language. Eventually, this led to her teaching English courses to non english speakers at the local technical college.

After college, Amy landed my first job teaching middle school Spanish. Through her teaching practice, Amy found a passion for teaching through technology. Amy was often sent to training to learn new technology related concepts and bring them back to her district to train others. After a few years as a classroom teacher, Amy transitioned into a technology integration role where she helped other teachers develop a passion for using technology to motivate and enhance learning opportunities. For Amy, this was the perfect career move as it brought together my two passions; teaching and technology.

As the years went on, Amy continued to stretch her knowledge. Amy holds a Masters of Arts in Educational Technology from Marian University. She has earned her Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) National Certificate, and most recently was nominated for the large corporate CIO ORBIE award and eSchool News K-12 Hero Award.

The path to becoming the Executive Director of Technology was not always easy. There were growing pains along the way along with many sacrifices. However, today, Amy serves the state of Wisconsin as the Past Chair for WETL (Wisconsin Educational Technology Leaders) and co-chairs the WIT4Girls pillar of Women in Technology. With a goal to excite, inspire and engage young women with technology Amy works with leaders throughout her region to plan engaging events to inspire young girls into an IT related career.

Influence on a person’s career comes in many different forms. Throughout childhood, all the way through adulthood, Amy has been inspired by strong leaders down the career path she chose. Today, it is her goal to inspire someone the way her many role models have inspired her.

Huge shout out to Amy for leading the way as a Women in Tech!

Amy Sterckx – https://www.linkedin.com/in/amy-sterckx-42b93117b/

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