WI Tech Month Presents Women in Tech Week: Sabina Schoenke

This “Women in Tech Week” feature is dedicated to Sabina Schoenke, Data Analyst at Landmark Credit Union and IT Consultant @ S4 Digital Labs. 

Sabina has held a variety of positions within the IT industry ranging from developer, business analyst, database administrator, EDI administrator, to data analyst. 

She started her career while in high school as an intern and never looked back.  The majority of her time has been as a contractor where she had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of industries and functional roles to help shape the skill set that she has to date.

One will go far with the “I can do” attitude and the ability and openness to learn if you don’t know how – or as I say…”I don’t know how yet..but will figure it out”

Huge shout out to Sabina for continuing to inspire and “figure it out” as a Women in Tech! 

Sabina Schoenke – https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabina-schoenke-4a5b8a4/

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