STEAM & Dream

STEAM & Dream 2021

Our Story

Schools in the Milwaukee community were closed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, children were required to complete their education at home. Unfortunately, there was a lack of access to computers and STEAM programming in the home. We responded by utilizing our credibility, connections and virtual voice to educate and inform on the physical, mental, and economic impacts being felt most acutely by our neighbors. 

STEAM & Dream is a collaboration founded in community by Connect Business Consulting, Jet Constellations,  Sherman Phoenix, and American Family Insurance. AMFAM serves as a funding partner and provides thought leadership on program advancement. 


STEAM & Dream

We’re currently in the midst of the fourth Industrial Revolution – Internet of Things (IoT), innovation and technology are transforming everyday life. Now more than ever it is important to educate the youth on how to explore, innovate and tinker in a high tech world.

STEAM and DREAM functions to prepare BIPOC students for careers in STEM through engaging curriculum and mentorship opportunities.


Participants of STEAM & Dream will have the opportunity to be exposed to a wide range of STEM careers.  Our curriculum touches on data science, intro to computer programming, architecture and more.

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