CEO of Milky Way Tech Hub is Appointed to Governor Evers’ AI Taskforce

In a significant development for the tech community in Wisconsin, Nadiyah Johnson, the founder of Milky Way Tech Hub, has been appointed to serve on the Governor’s Task Force on Workforce and Artificial Intelligence. This appointment underscores Nadiyah’s expertise and leadership in the tech industry and carries promising implications for the entire Milky Way Tech Hub community.

Charting the Tech Course in Wisconsin

The Governor’s Task Force on Workforce and Artificial Intelligence, a pivotal initiative administered by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) in collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), is charged with identifying policies and investments that will propel Wisconsin’s workforce, employers, and job seekers forward amidst the technological transformation driven by artificial intelligence.

Shaping the Tech Landscape

The core mission of the task force is to chart the course for Wisconsin’s workforce and AI integration. As a member, Nadiyah will play an instrumental role in shaping the strategies that will determine how Wisconsin adapts to and thrives in an AI-driven world.

Collaboration for Progress

Collaboration is a key theme of this initiative. CEO Johnson will collaborate with a diverse array of experts representing various sectors, including education, industry, and government. Their input will ensure that Wisconsin’s workforce remains at the forefront of AI advancements.

Commitment to Equity

The task force places a strong emphasis on equity and economic opportunity. Milky Way Tech Hub’s presence on the task force will help ensure that Wisconsin’s tech community remains a beacon of inclusivity and diversity as AI technologies continue to evolve.

Milky Way Tech Hub

This appointment is a win for Milky Way Tech Hub and the entire tech ecosystem in Milwaukee and statewide. It signifies that the voices and interests of our tech community will be represented at the highest echelons of decision-making in the state. This representation supports the cementing of the Milky Way Tech Hub’s position as a driving force in Wisconsin’s tech landscape.

The inaugural meeting of the Governor’s Task Force on Workforce and Artificial Intelligence is scheduled for Monday, October 30, 2023, running from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. This gathering offers participants the choice of attending virtually or in person at the Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club, located at 1 W. Dayton St., Madison, WI 53703. To confirm your attendance and select one of the three subcommittees, please complete your registration via Eventbrite.

The three subcommittees are as follows:

  1. Industries, Occupations, and Skills: This subcommittee will delve into the industries, occupations, and functional skill sets that are most likely to benefit from or be affected by AI. It will address the needs of both employees and employers.
  2. Equity and Economic Opportunity: This subcommittee is dedicated to advancing equity and fostering economic opportunities within the context of the AI transformation.
  3. Workforce Development and Educational Solutions: Building upon the work of the previous two groups, this subcommittee will identify policies, educational initiatives, and budgetary solutions aimed at preparing Wisconsin’s workforce, driving economic development, and sustaining thriving communities.

Full List of Appointees:

  • Amy Pechacek, Secretary, DWD; 
  • Kathy Blumenfeld, Secretary, DOA; 
  • Missy Hughes, Secretary and CEO, WEDC; 
  • Dr. Jill Underly, State Superintendent, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction; 
  • Jay Rothman, President, UW System;
  • Dr. Morna Foy, President, Wisconsin Technical College System; 
  • Troy Streckenbach, County Executive of Brown County;  
  • Trina Zanow, Chief IT Officer, DOA; 
  • Dr. Charles Lee Isbell Jr., Provost, UW-Madison; 
  • Greg Cisewski, Dean, School of Agricultural Sciences, Utilities & Transportation, Northcentral Technical College; 
  • Dr. Gholamreza Dehnavi, Department Chair, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UW-Platteville; 
  • Dr. Kaushal Chari, Dean of Sheldon B. Lubar College of Business, UW-Milwaukee; 
  • Dr. Xuedong (David) Ding, Associate Dean for the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management, Director for School of Engineering, UW-Stout; 
  • Jeffrey Morin, President, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design; 
  • Stephanie Bloomingdale, President, Wisconsin State AFL-CIO; 
  • Jack Salzwedel, Board Chair, American Family Mutual Insurance Company; 
  • Jeff Yabuki, Chairman, Motive Partners; 
  • Nadiyah Johnson, CEO, Milky Way Tech Hub;
  • Karl Reichenberger, Chief Intellectual Property and Information Technology Counsel, Johnson Controls; 
  • Mark Tyler, Chairman, OEM Fabricators Inc.; 
  • Ann Franz, Executive Director, NEW Manufacturing Alliance; 
  • Levi Felling, Chief Technology Officer, Elite EXTRA; 
  • Jeri Koester, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Marshfield Clinic Health System; 
  • Israel Squires, Managing Partner, Midpoint Ventures; 
  • Chris Hein, Director of Customer Engineering, Google Public Sector; 
  • Dr. Keyanna Conner, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting;  
  • Tim Fiocchi, Senior Director of Governmental Affairs, Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation; 
  • Dave Mickelson, Member of Wisconsin Farmers Union; 
  • Brian Foster, Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Foster Trucking Inc.; 
  • Tyler Clark, U.S. Government Affairs Industry Director, Microsoft; 

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